How Many Gaming Teams Does Russia Have?

Professional Gamers In Russia

Russia has indeed been a force to reckon with as the leading countries when it comes to the number of professional gaming teams. The reason why they have become world famous and are considered to be at par with the best is due to their long-standing association with the ITW. The ITW or the World Wide Web Foundation has been working hand in hand with professional gamers for quite some time now, and this collaboration has enabled Russia to develop its own distinct gaming scene that is a lot more professional than what we see from other countries. How many gaming teams does Russia have?

There are actually many gaming teams that we could talk about here

Most notably there are two or three that actually dominate the scene, having several members that have been playing for years now. These include the Azublans and the ROX Gaming. Each of these two or three has around four to five members that are considered to be professional gamers that know what they are doing when it comes to gaming.

Another professional gaming team that deserves mention here is the Legionnaire Gaming. They have several members that have been playing since the beta stages of World of Warcraft. Despite their age they are considered to be one of the strongest gaming teams in the world because they have always managed to win against the other side. One member of this gaming team actually won more than his opponents during the World Series of Warcraft finals.

Last but not least is the Moscow Five

They have also been known to be among the strongest teams in the world of competitive gaming. There are some members though, who are still in the process of building their career as professional gamers. Their most recent victory was at the Dreamhack Winter 2021. At this tournament they managed to defeat the Swedish team dignity and they took first place. The most important fact about this team though is that they have a gaming room at home where they can enjoy playing with their friends after a long day of work.

There are many other professional teams that are considered to be good. You just need to do your research on them and see which ones are popular with players and fans alike. Some of them have even managed to make a living out of it by becoming sponsors for various games. Such sponsorships help gaming teams survive especially if they need money very often. For example the HTC Wildfire is sponsored by the famous mobile phone manufacturer. This team is considered as one of the top contenders in any tournament they are involved in.

There are still a lot of gamers around though. These are gamers who play just for fun. They do not really take part in professional tournaments and they do not make too much money out of it. They are just ordinary people like you and me. Many people believe that there are no professional gamers around because the majority of the gaming community in Russia consists of these kind of people.

But the truth is that even though there are not many professional gamers in Russia, there are still a lot of them. Every single day there are new teams being formed and established. Any time someone new comes into the scene, they immediately become popular. This is because they offer a new experience to the people who are used to playing the traditional way.

In fact, the only reason that there are not more professional teams forming right now is because there are not yet a lot of people who know about them. The moment that they do come into the limelight though, they will be unstoppable. The moment you see someone playing with a rag-doll, you will instantly recognize them. A rag-doll is a special kind of controller that was designed specifically for gamers. It offers a very smooth and realistic playing experience and many gaming teams have already started creating their own rag-doll setups.