What Incident Caused Castro And Cuba To Become Closely Allied With Russia?

Castro And Russia

In 2006, both Fidel Castro and Raul Havana met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Cuba. At the time it was widely speculated as to what incident caused Castro and Cubana to become closely allied with Russia. The Russians have denied any role in Cuban’s decision to become a close ally, yet some analysts speculate that Castro made this decision to protect Russian interests in Cuba.

Castro And Russia Started Out With Friendly Relations

Castro stated at the time that he had a conversation with Medvedev regarding “friendly relations”. Many in Cuba would wonder why “friendly” relations between two countries which have been war-hosts for over half a century is necessary. However, the fact remains that Castro has made it clear that he wants to remain a close partner of Russia. After all, Cuban and Russian support for each other during the 1960’s provided the balance to the Western hemisphere, allowing the United States to gain freedom from economic sanctions against Cuba and opening up trade relations with Moscow.

With that in mind, does it mean that Castro considers himself close to the Russians?

Has he asked to meet them? Has he suggested that they have an alliance? Has he promised to help the takeover the United States? If Castro says yes to any of these questions then the American People should be very alarmed and have their vote of confidence.

Recently, I had a conversation with a former Cuban spy, who had worked in the CIA for many years. I asked him what he thought of Castro’s statements about being friends with the Russians. He told me that he didn’t know anything about it, but he did suspect that Cuba might be trying to set up an axis of sympathetic nations around itself like what North Korea has done or even China. Castro has often made inflammatory comments about America and its Monroe Doctrine, which he said was designed to encroach on his country. Further, he has said that the Monroe Doctrine was a Europeans invention, a claim that is hard for Americans to dispute.

So we know that Castro is a hardliner and believes strongly in his nation’s destiny!

Does this mean that he would now join forces with Russia? If so, this would be a very dangerous game for America. Even though Russia may not be an evil as they are often painted by the media, they are still a country that America is worried about its future. And considering the closeness that Castro has kept both his country and his brother in Cuba to Russia, if the relationship were reversed, this would be a dangerous game indeed.

What incident caused Castro and his government to become so closely allied with the Russians?

My guess would be Cuba did something to irritate the Americans, perhaps they took some oil supplies from a French company without asking permission first. Then the Cubans took over the embassy, believing they had won the revolution, but really no one cared if they were the ones to do the dirty work. Then someone got the green light from Russia to shoot down some CIA officials who were trying to help the Cubans defeat the Fidel Castro.

It is hard to say what the actual reason was, but there is plenty of suspicion that the CIA was behind it, perhaps using them to set up dummy businesses to make the exchange cheaper.

Of course we know that Russia has no interest in helping out its former Cold War enemies, but if that was the case, why would they give Fidel Castro any money anyway? I believe what happened in Cuba is that Russia did not trust Fidel Castro because he was a drug dealer who took money and gifts from America. The Russians could not stand him and wanted someone they could rely on, and that someone was Castro.

So, in conclusion, we know that Castro did not turn to Russia for financial help after the Bay of Pigs, or did not offer any assistance at all. So what incident caused Castro and Cuba to become closely allied with Russia? I believe that the answer lies in the Russian support for Fidel Castro’s brother, and his revolution, and the way Russia worked through Latin America to help him take over Cuba. Without Russian support Cuba would not have survived the 1959 revolution. Please consider all this.