What Is Going On In Russia Right Now With Internet/online Gaming

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Many are speculating what is going on in Russia right now with internet/online gaming. Many in the gaming community feel that it is a form of government sanctioned monopoly that is controlling what is going on in that country. Many here in the United States think that the same thing is true of online gaming as well. One would think that in light of what is going on in Russia with the internet, that our government would do everything in their power to restrict what is going on there too.

Gaming In The Chechnya Region

Some of the concerns here are that gambling and pornography are starting to develop here in Russia, especially in the Chechnya region. Some believe if they go far enough into Chechnya, that the US may start sending troops to Chechnya to quell the growing international terrorist threats. The Russian government has flat out denied all rumors of that nature. Yet it is a reality many here worry about.

Internet and Online Gaming. What is going on in Russia? Well, it appears that the government is afraid for the future of gaming and what it has done for the Russian economy. They are afraid it is destroying the very essence of what is considered traditional Russian business and society. The fear is real, and they are taking measures right now to try and control what is going on in that country.

Personally, I am not as worried as much about this

I am not really sure what is going on in there anyway. I am just glad they have the ability to go online and play games any time of the day or night that they want to. It gives me something to occupy my time while I am here in America. It is a unique advantage for gamers in any country. For Americans, we have always been open to new technology and it allows us to develop social groups outside of just our own family and friends.

So, what is going on in Russia with gaming and Internet gaming in general?

It appears the government has taken a hard look at how things are going here in Russia. Many believe they have taken a hard look at the way people are playing the game and the types of sites they are visiting. It appears the government wants to limit access to these sites. They are looking to make it difficult for people to access them. It is too bad really, but the interesting thing is this isn’t the first time they have tried to control the Internet and gaming here in Russia.

It is no surprise that they have tried to do this, many others have done the same thing. I suppose they are trying to balance out all the radical religious groups that are all over the country trying to take over the government from top to bottom. This is not only interesting in terms of how far the Internet goes, but the fact that Russia is trying to regulate it. Some see it as a slippery slope to government control of the Internet. Still, many believe that this is a big problem and that the Internet in Russia will not only be limited but gone completely.

What is going on in Russia with gaming and Internet related issues? Well, you can expect a lot more news on this as the years go by. The interesting part about it though, is that Russia is not the only country looking into this issue. China and Iran are also looking into this at the moment.

Something to think about is, where is all this headed? Will the Internet in Russia be like dial-up and eventually disappear? How does all this affect the gaming industry? Will people in Russia ever be able to enjoy online games if there is an Internet blackout? Do you think the government will interfere or do they want to see things happen their way? All these questions and more can be answered by you visiting our site below.