What Is The Primary Reason Why European Russia Has A Higher Population Than Asian Russia?

Russia Population

What is the reason behind why does European Russia have such high fertility rate and so many people alive in it despite having such high levels of migration. One of the major reasons is that Russian people have such high faith in their own traditions and folk culture. Many people who live in such countries of the former Soviet Union have strong cultural roots. They are highly religious and also highly educated. This is one of the factors that is making Russian people so keen on keeping their people and culture alive even though there is plenty of hostility and immigration going on in Europe right now.

How High Is The Russian Fertility Rate?

There is no doubt about the fact that Russia has a much higher population than Asian countries like India and China. But the question is why does Russian people have such high fertility rates? The answer to this question involves an understanding of the social and cultural heritage Russian people possess. Many of these people have been practicing it for so many years that they have adapted certain traditions and social norms which have made their lives much more comfortable. Many of these traditions have made their way into their culture and have deep roots that go back centuries.

The life expectancy of Russian people has improved a lot over the last century

Life expectancy in many Asian countries is just a little higher than that of what it is in Russia today. This means that the reasons why Russian men have higher life expectancy than Asian men have to do with social conditions, prosperity, health and prosperity of their country and so on.

Some believe that it has a lot to do with the Russian president who is much older than most of the people in his country. Many people argue that younger people who emigrated to Western Europe and other countries are more likely to live longer than those who stayed behind. But this is difficult to prove due to a lack of accurate statistics. However, there are some facts that can show us the gap between life expectancy in various parts of the world. It can also show us why does European Russia have a higher population than Asian Russia?

The Enormous Wealth Of European Russia Is An Important Factor

One reason as to why does European Russia have a higher population than Asian countries is because of its enormous wealth. Many people argue that the governments of Asia took all the wealth that they had and squandered it on development and infrastructure while western countries went back to developing their own. While it may be true that some areas in Asia suffer from less development than others, the vast majority of countries in Asia have high life expectancies and are rich as a result. The same cannot be said about western Europe. Many people blame this on the fact that so many people emigrated to it after the Second World War but this is not entirely true.

Another reason as to why does European Russia have a higher population than Asian Russia is that there are many immigrants coming to it every year. In recent years many eastern Europeans have come to live in western Europe, bringing with them a culture that includes drinking and smoking, as well as much of the language and other traditions they have come to know. This means that many people learn much of the new European culture before moving to it.

There Are Many Immigrants As Well

A third reason as to why does European Russia have a higher population than Asian countries is because there are many immigrants who live there, especially those from Afghanistan and Iraq. These populations are extremely vulnerable and they need special attention. Europe is home to many people who live in dangerous circumstances and they need protection. They are also vulnerable because many young men from these regions are drawn towards radical Islam and look to join or fight conflicts for Islamic groups in the name of God.

The fourth reason as to why does European Russia have a higher population than Asian countries is because many people speak English as their first language. Many businesses and schools offer courses in English for those looking to work abroad or attend college in America or other English-speaking countries. Those who want to learn English find that they can often get a better job or higher wages working in cities with large populations of English speakers. In fact the number of companies that hire people with English as their first language is one of the reasons why Europe has such a high population of immigrants.