Which Of The Following Statements Best Applies To Peter The Great Of Russia?

Peter the Great

“I would be very happy if I could” is one of the many statements which apply to Peter the Great of Russia. Peter was the absolute monarch of his country for nearly a hundred years, which he accomplished with his son and two trusted advisors. During those years Peter was very wise as he learned from many people including some of his enemies, thus he had great insight that helped him to create and develop an empire which would endure for centuries.

Peter The Great Was An Exceptional Person

He was truly an exceptional person whom people loved. Peter was very wise and learned throughout his entire life. He had no weaknesses which made him unique and unlike other individuals. All of his life he never denied that he was blessed with extraordinary skills, but he also believed in sharing those gifts with others. He repeatedly said how fortunate he was to have the opportunity to see and observe the true nature of God while he was alive.

A great quote, which can be used as an example of when Peter the Great of Russia said something he really stood by came from his experience when he was ordered to capture the city of Pskov on the Volga River. The city of Pskov had been a key city in the Russian Empire at one time. In that period of time it had fallen to the military leadership of General Vasili Oschepkov. Peter remembered how Oschepkov gave him a list of people who would also be killed if he did not accomplish his task on the day of the capture, thus he demanded that all his men be present and give their best effort so that they could be part of the action which he led.

Peter The Great Was A Kind Leader

This example of what Peter the Great of Russia did shows what kind of leader he was. It is also a good example of how even a general like him faced major events in his career which he had to carry out. Peter the Great was famous for his charisma and he commanded a group of men who trusted him. He had a powerful personality and this showed through in his actions.

The Great Patriotic War

The next example of when Peter the Great of Russia said something he stood by was when he was given the opportunity to fight in the Great Patriotic War. The entire nation was involved in this war. Many Russian soldiers lost their lives fighting for their Motherland. This experience greatly impacted his mind and he would hold that country and his fellow soldiers in high esteem.

Another example of when Peter the Great of Russia said something he truly believed in came when he was taken captive by the Mongolian army. The Mongols captured Peter and took him as a prisoner to their capital. They refused to give him food or water and forced him to dig their garden up with the use of a shovel. He was also beaten and treated in an unkind manner.

After spending several months in captivity the prisoners were freed when the Czar ordered the Russian army to recapture the city. The people were quite grateful for Peter’s cooperation and they celebrated his bravery by throwing him a party. The party included all his female friends. This was one of the greatest days of Peter’s life as he was showered with many gifts and honor on this day.

He Fought The Tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte

The last example of when Peter the Great of Russia said something he truly believed to relate to his fight against the tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte. After Bonaparte’s fall from power a storm broke over Petersburg. A wildfire swept the city and destroyed virtually everything in its path. Peter stood in front of a group of survivors and helped to protect them. This was a true example of what he believed in.