Which War Immediately Preceded The Communist Revolution In Russia?

Communist Revolution

The question which has haunted historians since the seventeenth century is, “Which war immediately preceded the Russian Revolution?” The question has baffled the minds of historians because many years ago they could not find a single shred of evidence to support the thesis that it was the French invasion which started the Russian revolution. Even if one could find such proofs, it would prove to be extremely difficult to use such proofs to prove the claim that the revolution was started by anyone other than the two countries which had made a secret agreement regarding foreign trade relations.

This Is How The Communist Revolution Started

The only concrete proof which had been found to that effect was the fact that after the Russian revolution a section of Russian soldiers who rebelled against their new government and joined the army of Germany on the eastern front began fighting the French. There is no doubt that this was the immediate cause of the outbreak of the war. But, there is no evidence which shows that the German military forces ever became a threat to the Russian government or were even interested in starting a war with the Russian government. In other words, we are presented with the theory that it was the German military forces which started the war but without any proof that it was the German military forces which actually started the war. This argument can be easily put to rest when we come to understand the actual reasons which led to the outbreak of war in nineteenth century Russia.

The Preceding The Revolution

Before proceeding any further it must be mentioned that at the time of the First World War, France and England were the biggest trading partners of Germany. At that time, both of the countries had at their disposal large reserves of gold, which they used to finance the massive investment which was carried out in order to build up the German navy. At the same time, there were millions of dollars held by the British East India Company in India, which was also engaged in trade with the German trade. All these factors combined to create a situation where in case of any emergency, either one of the two countries could have provided financial support to the other.

Therefore, it can be safely said that the question which asks ‘Which war immediately preceded the communist revolution in Russia?’ is not based on any reasonable logic.

On the other hand, we know that the First World War devastated the economies of Germany and England to such an extent that they could not pay the necessary interest on their loans and thus the finance dried up. Even today, the economies of the UK and France are dependent on foreign trade and the conditions which were present in the early nineteen twenties are exactly the same that existed during the First World War. Thus, it is quite clear that the Second World War was just as much of a financial crisis for Germany and England as was the First World War.

However, let us look at the point in question from another angle:

During the Second World War, the United States and her allies poured massive amounts of money into the Russian economy in order to finance the massive buildups of the Russian military. The United States did not attack the Soviet Union at the time when it was doing so. Rather, it supported the policies of economic and social reform movements within the Soviet Union which were demanding more democracy and more freedom. At the time the United States was also fighting against the anti-Hitlerite resistance movement in Europe. All in all, it is highly improbable that the United States would have supported the Russian attack on the Archangel Islands if it had not been worried about the German military buildups in the immediate vicinity.

In order to understand the question ‘what war immediately preceded the Russian Revolution?’ we must ask ourselves how the Germans came to be in such a position to attack Archangel Islands without any German bases anywhere near the islands. If the German military buildups had occurred anywhere near the Archangel Islands then the chances of the Soviet Union from attacking them would have been reduced considerably. It is highly unlikely that such a small island would have any military bases and so such a base could not have been attacked by the Red Army.

Secondly, the most important question to ask yourself when trying to understand ‘what war immediately preceded the Russian revolution?’ In order to answer this question you must go back to the original agreement between Germany and the United States. At the time the United States was offering Germany much more money than the German government was prepared to offer and yet German submarines could still reach the United States and destroy much of the American shipping. This is one of the main reasons why there was an attack on Archangel Islands. There is no reason why the Germans would have attacked a neutral party state without any fear of repercussions from the United States whatsoever.

Thirdly, there is a very strong argument that even if there was no attack on Archangel Islands, the attack was in preparation for a far larger war. At the time the United States was itself preparing for a war with Japan. This would mean that even if there were no attacks on Archangel Islands, the US would be preparing for a larger conflict in Europe. In short, it is extremely difficult to understand what war immediately precedes the Russian Revolution if you try to look at events through the lens of hindsight.